Welcome to SnS Fine Art – portrait artistry


Mission Statement 

At SnS Photography we help families preserve their unique history.  Our passion is to photo-journal the precious moments of family members, friends, and shared experiences over time.  By creating a photographic printed record of these major life events, our clients are able to share memories that will be treasured for generations to come.


Our portrait sessions

We conduct camera studies and create lasting portraits at many special locations in and around The Villages, Wildwood, Lady Lake and Leesburg, Florida.   


The weather in Central Florida allows us to take year-round advantage of the many beautiful locations for the creation of your family history through portraiture.  We have some multiple favored locations we can suggest for your on-site portrait sessions as well as creating long-lasting classical portraiture in and around your home.


Your selection

With SnS Fine Art, you will have the opportunity to determine which photograph(s) best reflect the likeness of the portrait subject, selecting the images that capture the perfect tone, pose and expression.


We also offer paintings as well as photographs.  There are a variety of finishes and styles available to suit your tastes and preferences.  We will work with you to determine the perfect composition for your unique portrait.  All portraits are fully customizable.


Utilizing computers, pigment inks, acrylics and oils, we have developed a distinct and exceptional style of painted portraits.  By employing our cameras, computers, palettes, brushes, canvas and an ability to create and capture light, we attain the seemingly impossible task of creating an “exact likeness” of loved ones.


Most importantly, we create a record of your memorable moments and capture your specific memories.  


Please contact us at 937.829.7564 to arrange for your portrait session today!